Our Aim

We have set ourselves a target of raising £10,000 for various cancer charities, with the main beneficiary being Orchid Cancer.

Our main challenge in achieving this target is to cycle to all 20 premiership football clubs, within the last 7 days of the season. The challenge will begin on the 12th May 2013 at Norwich City Football Club and finish at Newcastle United Football Club on the 19th May 2013, covering a total distance of approximately 850 miles. We are planning to do this unsupported, with no back-up team, and collect signed premiership football shirts from each club, which will be auctioned off at a later date for charity.

We believe this would be a huge challenge even for the most experienced cyclist, let alone for two individuals who didn't even own a bike prior to deciding to take up the challenge. We feel that this challenge will test not only our physical strength and resilience but also our mental capacity and resolve.

Overall we feel that the challenge will push us to our personal limits and highlight the importance of cancer research in equal measures.

The PFA fully support this fund-raising event

Adam Tann:

Hi my name is Adam Tann I'm 30 years old and I have had cancer, testicular cancer to be exact. My Mum has had cancer, my Grandad has had cancer, my cousin has had cancer, my friend has had cancer. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2006, after having my hands down my pants like most young men do I noticed a tiny lump on my testicle so I went to my doctor. I was then referred to a radiologist where a tumour was confirmed followed by a consultation with an oncologist, Professor Tim Oliver, I then had my operation to remove the tumour. This process was all within one week and the treatment that I received was amazing. I was very fortunate I had caught the tumour at an early stage and so required only one dose of chemotherapy called 'Carboplatin'. That treatment was sufficient for me to be in remission and after regular check ups and testings here I am today. It sounds straight forward but was one of the most surreal, scary and demanding experiences of my life.

I remember watching a tv advert a while ago explaining 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer and I can vividly remember saying to myself and whoever else wanted to listen "that just can't be true!". How wrong I was, not only was I diagnosed with cancer in 2006 but close family and friends in my life have been too.

Cancer is a word that some people don't like to mention or to talk about, a taboo subject. It mustn't be, it can't be as too many people are affected by cancer year on year. There are some incredible people out there doing amazing things in to the research of 'that word' and helping to prevent, diagnose and cure people from cancer. There are plenty of success stories, myself included but unfortunately there also plenty of tragic stories too. The amazing people out there doing this incredible work need help and support and the awareness of their work in any way possible to beat 'that word' cancer.

That's what I want to do, alongside one of my closest friends Daniel Huggins I'm going to hop on a bike so let's see where it takes us, hold on tight as we're in for the long haul!

Daniel Huggins:

I decided to undertake this massive challenge to raise money for cancer research mainly as I have lost loved ones to cancer in the past but also as i had made prior promises to my nan that i would. 5 years ago my nan lost her husband (and I lost my grandad) to prostate cancer. It was at this stage that I vowed to my nan that i would do something big and worthwhile to raise money in the aid of cancer research to help stop others having to endure the same pain as my grandad and nan. It has taken me until now to decide on this 'big and worthwhile' challenge, as all previous challenges considered seemed too ordinary or holiday like. Upon sitting down with Adam (a close friend and a cancer sufferer himself), we decided that we needed to do something that really made people stop and say wow.

We wanted people to think that our challenge was almost unachievable and from the responses we've had since, it seems that we have achieved exactly that!!

At the present time cancer is something that has or will effect everybody's lives at some point in varying ways (fact). This is a statistic that needs to change and as such, I feel compelled to do everything that I possibly can to raise funds to assist in making this possible.